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My name is Jimena Mc Allister and together with my family we have started this wonderful undertaking. I will tell you a little about how it all started ...

A few years ago, when she was still an agronomy student, she lived in a boarding house, whose housekeeper spent many hours of the day in her rose garden. One by one, Amelia was carping the rose bushes, grabbing dirt, removing the damaged leaves, and finally watering them, while I watched her from the window

People, places and consequences were drawing me closer and closer to the cultivation of this beautiful and noble plant.

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And one winter we decided and planted the first R. Multiflora cuttings as a family that we acquired in the Cristel nursery.

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I always liked different, rare roses, that's why in Santa María we mainly cultivate old, rough and bushy roses. In addition, this type of rose bush is very low maintenance and rustic.

The only downside is that some varieties have a single bloom (eg, species roses). I must also emphasize that for lovers of scented roses there is no better delight than the aroma of old roses. They are single-blooming and reflorescent, and in moderate winters many of these rose bushes maintain their foliage all year round.


For all these attributes and the variety of colors and shapes of the foliage, in Santa María we have been leaning towards the cultivation of this type of rose for some years now and we have been able to reap many satisfactions throughout this family undertaking. It has not been easy, since grafting rose bushes is an artisanal job in which you have to put your body and mind, but with patience and will everything is accomplished.

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